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Bridal Couture is a very special part of Mel Rose Couture. Every bride has her dream gown, 'The Dress', the one gown they envision wearing while walking down the aisle.

For the bride that desires a unique design, or is finding it hard to find something that flatters her personal style.

For the bride that seeks amazing attention to detail, or wants to experience the art of having their gown made especially for them. Bridal Couture is the answer.

Whether a bride desires a traditional, romantic, modern, bohemian, or costume-inspired gown for their special day. Mel Rose Couture is dedicated to helping every bride achieve her dream.

Working with the finest, luxurious fabrics sourced from around the globe, and employing high quality techniques in design, construction, and finishing, every bridal gown is custom made in our Melbourne studio.

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The wonderful world of couture doesn't just speak to bridal gowns.

Mel Rose Couture is excited to provide clients the opportunity to have special, one of a kind garments made for all their special occasions.

From red carpet attire and evening gowns, formal and bridesmaid dresses, to flower girls, christening gowns, and mother of the bride and groom outfits, Mel Rose Couture can create a beautiful custom couture piece for your next occasion.

I believe that everyone who is able to, should have a least one piece of clothing created and fitted to them by a professional. Not only will you end up with a unique piece for your wardrobe, it will also give you a beautiful experience and, a new found respect for good quality craftsmanship.


The latest addition to Mel Rose Couture is Demi Couture.

Demi Couture gives clients who want a taste of the couture experience without the price tag an opportunity to do just that.

Instead of purchasing a standard size, Demi Couture allows collection pieces to be fitted directly to the clients shape.

Ava Top - Alchemy Collection by Mel Rose Couture
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Every couture client at Mel Rose Couture will be given Mel's personal attention throughout the entire couture process.

From your first consultation Mel will gather your ideas, inspiration, and, personal style, to produce the first sketches of your gown, illustrating the design elements specified by you. Once the sketches of your gown have been finalised, Mel will then help you in choosing the perfect fabric to bring your gown to life. Your couture experience continues as your dream gown takes shape through pattern construction and toile, to several personalised fittings.

Then, all that remains, is to add the desired embellishments and complete the final hand stitching. Finally your completed gown is revealed. That first sketch has become a magnificent creation that fit's perfectly. The gown you always dreamed of. With every last detail honed to perfection, your Mel Rose Couture gown is truly exceptional. 

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