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Updated: Oct 2, 2023

For Mel Rose Couture's very first blog post, I thought I would introduce myself

as well as introduce you to Mel Rose Couture, the who, the what, the where and the why.

So let's start with the who.


My Beautiful Printed Italian Mikado fitted dress with pleated skirt I created for my 40th Birthday. Absolutely one of my favourite outfits so far.
Mel on her 40th Birthday

Hey There,

I'm Mel. I am Mel Rose Couture.

I am the one you will talk with on the phone when you make an inquiry. I am the one who answers all your questions when you send through an email. I am the one who posts to Instagram, and Facebook, the one who curates our Pinterest boards. I am the one who sits down with you at our first meeting and talks excitedly about the wonderful journey we are about to embark on. I am the one who takes your measurements, drafts your patterns, and puts together your toile. I am the one who will be by your side through every fitting, making every necessary adjustment to ensure your final garment is just perfect. I am the one who lovingly creates every garment from start to finish.

A young Mel dressed up in the 80's

I have always had a love of sewing, and,

creating things for the people I care about. From about the age of 7, my beautiful mum sat me down at her sewing machine and taught me how to sew a scrunchy (This was in the 80's so scrunchies were very big). From then on, sewing and creating anything I could think of became one of the things that brought me the most happiness.

My passion for fashion continued to grow, as did my skill set, all throughout high school, and then later on at TAFE, where I studied apparel manufacturing and period costume design. This is when my love for Couture and original couture techniques started.

David and I on our wedding day
Our Wedding Day - 2004

Jumping forward 5 years after graduating from TAFE (during which time I sewed for the odd family member, or acquaintance, whilst working as a pharmacy assistant), in November of 2004 I had the great pleasure of marrying my best friend and my soul mate, David.

I wanted to create a gown that really reflected the kind of person I was, and that suited our style of wedding. I found the most gorgeous guipure lace, with a rose motif. I moulded the lace into a simple strapless bodice that sat atop an elegant ivory satin, full a-line skirt with modest train. Simple, Classic, Elegance was the kind of bride i wanted to be.

15 moths later Mel Rose Couture was born.

I worked alongside a wonderful graphic designer to create our first logo in pale grey and rose gold tones
Our First Logo

Over the past 14 years, Mel Rose Couture has worked with hundreds of clients to create bespoke one of a kind gowns, dresses, jackets, skirts, tops, costumes. Each and every client is very special to me and I thank them so very much for trust in my vision and skill in making their dream gowns a reality.

I don't think I will ever stop striving to be better at what I do. Through each and every client I learn something new or find a better way to do something. One of the best parts about creating one of a kind pieces is the relationships I get to form with all of my amazing clients. Some may only be for a short while while others will last through the years to come.



The beautiful Kirby on her wedding day. Wear a bespoke bridal gown created for her by Mel Rose Couture. A luxurious Magnolia Satin with a stunning corded lace featuring throughout the entire gown and matching veil.
Mel Rose Bride - Kirby

The real emphasis behind what Mel Rose Couture does is bespoke.

It can be a wedding dress, an evening gown, a bridal shower ensemble, a race day outfit, a christening gown, a mother of the bride/groom dress, a killer french jacket, an elegant top. It can be the piece of clothing you have dreamt about and have not found anywhere.

Bespoke is one of a kind. It's not found in a shop, it's not manufactured in small runs, it is made just for that client to their specifications.

Now that doesn't mean to say that the same silhouette, or cut is never replicated. That the same fabric isn't used in another garment. It sometime is, but never in the exact same fashion as any previous client, making the garments created by Mel Rose Couture unique.

The same applies to our collection gowns. Designed and created with the most luxurious of fabrics, I wanted to have a small collection of gowns that really showcased the Mel Rose couture style. Simple Elegance, is the phrase I hold in my mind when I'm designing. It can refer to the silhouette, the style of girl, or the fabrications. Most of the time i am designing what comes to me in my dreams.



bridal studio with rack of gowns
Mel Rose Couture - Melbourne Studio

Over the years the Mel Rose Couture Studio has had to pick up and move every time David and I moved house (this was generally due to the fact he was relocated for his job numerous times). The very first Mel Rose Couture Studio was in a 2 bedroom unit in Tweed Heads NSW. Next it was Banora Point NSW ( we bought a duplex and converted the garage into my work space), then Upper Coomera on the Gold Coast. Pimpama was just across the highway, and then up closer to Brisbane at Underwood. The studio in Underwood was great I had the entire bottom floor dedicated to work work area and client meeting space. Last year was our latest move. Our biggest yet. We picked up and moved to Melbourne Victoria.

bridal lace with hand sewing needle and thread
Hand stitching fine lace onto a bespoke gown

In person at our studio is not the only place you can find Mel Rose Couture.

There are numerous places to find out about the gowns and garments we are working on, the things that are inspiring us, behind the scene looks into our atelier.

Visit our website

Check out our Instagram Feed

Head on over and Like our Facebook Page

Find all our inspiration boards on Pinterest



Pink rose illustration with the words Mel Rose Couture underneath
Our New Mel Rose Couture Logo

This one is probably the question that I don't get to answer very often. Why Couture, Why your own business, why not just bridal.

As I touched on before I have a great passion for the world of couture. Many people assume that it's just about the expensive dresses, and the glamorous fashion shows. The designer names and celebrity clients.

All of that is just the surface of couture, the stuff that gets

people excited about having something created for them.

Blue jacket on a mannequin
A bespoke Jacket for an elegant client

For me it's more about the techniques, the reasons behind what kind of stitch is used where. The hunt for the right fabrics, not just the outer fabrics that are on show, but the internal structure fabrics, the fabrics that are the foundations to any garment. Couture makes getting dressed intentional, something we don't get to experience very often in our day to day lives.

When I started Mel Rose Couture, there were bridal stores, but no bespoke dressmakers in the area we lived. I had always wanted to have my own business, my own shop. Until I started creating under the Mel Rose Couture logo, I believed it would be a bridal shop where i would do alterations and make the odd gown.

woman wearing black top and black and white skirt with large bow at waist
A timeless silhouette with a dramatic bow

Through all the clients and all the location changes, I realised that while Bridal is such a big part of what I do. It isn't the only area I want to focus my creativity. I want to show people that couture isn't just for a Bride. It doesn't have to be for a red carpet. It is for that one piece you have dreamed about your whole life and haven't been able to find. It is an investment. A piece you will treasure and wear over and over again. I truly believe as i designer it is my responsibility to nurture and educate my clients (and followers) on the benefits of slow fashion.


I want to thank you for taking the time to read a little about Mel Rose Couture. I am excited to share my knowledge and passion with you in my posts to come. While your here click on the links below to find out more, follow our feeds, and like our posts.

Chat Soon

Mel xx

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