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Finding Your Perfect Gown

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Finding "the one". The dress, can be an overwhelming prospect. So many gowns to choose from, in different styles, shades and fabrics. Where is a girl to start?

Finding the perfect shape for your wedding gown is something that a lot of brides to be think about. Of course they want to make sure that the style and shape they choose is going to be the most flattering, and compliment their personal style.

I have heard so many stories about brides going from one shop to another searching for the one.

If this is you (or a friend), and you are stuck on what style of dress to go for then keep on reading and I'll give you my tricks to finding your perfect gown.


Step One

Okay so this one is probably something you have heard a million times,

Inspiration Photos.

Yep you need to start collecting images of things that inspire you, not just for your dress, but your day too. This is going to help you figure out what style of bride you want to be on your big day.

Your best friend during the entire wedding planning process is PINTEREST.

Yep. That old app.

What started out as a digital scrap booking app, is now one of the best tools a bride could have in the lead up to her wedding.

You can create boards of inspiration for every part of your wedding. From the ceremony setup, to the floral arrangements, to the bridesmaid dresses, and yep you guessed it your gown.

You can even add notes, with checklists, to each board.

I mean how awesome is that.

If you haven’t already signed up to Pinterest, I highly recommend you get yourself an account.

Now it’s time to start creating your boards.

I suggest creating a hidden board for your gown. This way anyone who follows your boards, won’t be able to see your bridal gown inspiration pictures.

Search for images of Bridal gowns, ball gown, wedding dress with sleeves, etc. Whatever styles and details you think you might like for your gown. A long list of images will then pop up.

Once you find images you like. Pin them to your secret gown board.

This is where they will stay, and you can refer back to them at any time. Once you get the hang of it you will be pinning like mad.

Take some time between each pinning session to go back through your boards. Use the notes feature to jot down the things you like about each picture.

Is it the shape of the skirt, the neckline, the colour?

Is it the style of fabrics, the embellishments, etc?

This is going to give you a clear idea on what you are being drawn to.

Remember we are collating inspirational images for your gown. Try not to set your heart on any one design or style, before you try it on. It’s always a good idea to keep an open mind.

Check Out the Mel Rose Couture Pinterest Page here


Step Two

I want you to really take some time on this one.


Yep I said it. You really need to consider this one. Your budget for your gown is really going to determine a few things.

It will determine if you can consider having your gown made over buying it off the rack. If you can look for a high end designer gown, or a bespoke couture gown, or if you should search for an off the rack gown.

When shopping for your gown it's best to stick within your budget. Remember if you go over on your gown you might have to compromise somewhere else in your wedding plans.

To get an idea on what gowns cost check out a few websites of high end designers, couture designers, and off the rack designers to get an idea.

Not sure what to include in your wedding budget. Our Wedding Planner Book is full of all the lists you need. Get yours free when you book our Wedding Packages.

Visit our Wedding Package page to find out more.


Step Three

Now that you have an idea of the style of gowns that draw your attention, and you have a budget in mind, its time find the best shopping destinations.

Find the designers, or bridal salons that are in your area and visit their website and social pages to see what style of gowns they have on offer.

The designers or stores that have gowns close to what you are drawn to should be at the top of your shopping list.

Note down the names of the gowns you like at each location and plan for your shopping day. I would limit the number of designers or stores you visit to a maximum of 3 on a single shopping day.

Before you head out on your shopping day be sure to download our Shopping for your Gown Info graphic.

These are 5 tips that will help take the stress out of your shopping day.

Shopping for your gown Infographic (1)
Download P • 126KB

At each location talk with your consultant about what gowns have drawn your eye, and what your top 3 must haves are for your gown. Then it’s time to enjoy dressing up.

Remember to keep an open mind. You may find that the gowns you have been drawn to, don’t work for you. And that is totally okay. It doesn’t mean your never going to find your gown it might just mean you need to rethink things.


Step Four

If you have gone with an off the rack gown, (generally these will be ordered in brand new), and placed your order, you will need to think about if your gown will need any alterations. Most gowns purchased or ordered through a bridal store will need at least a hem. Possibly a few other alterations to make sure the fit is perfect.

Some stores will have an in house alterations services, or they might have a list of names of

dressmakers or alterations specialists you could contact.

I suggest you doing a little research on who you choose to go with. Check their online reviews, social pages, and ask other brides for their feedback about them. If they are an independent designer or dressmaker ask to see some of their work.

A great rule of thumb is, You get what you pay for.

This isn't always the case. But generally

the cheaper the alterations cost, the poorer the quality of the finished work.

Alterations take time. It shouldn't be a quick run up the side to take a dress in, Or a quick trim and stitch of a new hem line.

Your alterations specialist should know which side of which seams will need to be altered to fit the contours of your body and allow the dress to hang properly. They should know that they need to pin the finished hem line the entire way around the skirt, not just a marker pin at the front.

Your finished altered dress should look like it was made for you. Not altered to fit you.

Need your gown altered? Contact Us about having your gown altered at Mel Rose Couture.


Step Five

For those brides who have chosen to seek out a designer gown or have their gown made, get ready for an amazing journey.

Shopping for, and purchasing your gown is a wonderful experience, don't get me wrong.

But, seeing your gown come to life from an idea, to a sketch, through all the stages of it's creation, to the final unveiling, is a very special experience.

To find the right designer for you, do a little research. Just like you would if you were buying your gown off the rack. Most designers will offer an initial consultation, before any contracts are signed or designs are created. This is a great opportunity to get to know the designer and see if you like their style, so to speak.

Your Gown may take any where from 8-12 months or even longer to create, so it's a good idea to go with a designer you feel comfortable with.

Want to book in for your Initial Consultation with Mel. Contact Us to get the ball rolling.


I hope you found these tips informative and it's given you a helping hand in searching for your gown.

Happy Hunting!!

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