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The Rise of the Micro Bride

How we celebrate has altered in the past year due to the global pandemic. Every type of celebration has been affected by lockdowns and restrictions. From birthdays, to anniversaries, and graduations, but perhaps none more than weddings.

For couples who planned to celebrate their love in 2020, covid-19 put a halt to the large celebration and paved the way for celebrating micro style.

Micro Wedding , Minimony, Elopement. What is the difference and more importantly what should a bride wear?



To sum it up in one sentence. A micro wedding is a small wedding of up to 50 guests, usually just immediate family and the closest of friends.

A micro wedding will involve most of the elements of a larger scale wedding, such as the ceremony, reception, speeches etc, but the focus will be on creating an intimate and unique experience for those involved.

2020 and all it's challenges saw the micro wedding come into it's own. With couples who had planned lavish affairs told to reduce their guest lists and celebrations on short notice due to restrictions, the term micro wedding jumped to the forefront of discussions as the wedding industry tried to pivot just to stay alive.

In my opinion micro weddings are here to stay. Couples won't necessarily choose to work with a smaller budget, but they will want the budget they do have to provide an amazing experience for their smaller guest list.



At the height of lockdowns and restrictions in 2020, the minimony seemed to be the only way couples could say I do.

Simply put a minimony is a small ceremony held with a handful of guests (or just a witness or two), where the couple exchange their vows in a moment of commitment. Couples who didn't want to postpone their I do's , but where faced with restrictions of a 5 person limit (including the celebrant and the couple), socially distancing, and no dancing went the way of the minimony.

Live streaming the nuptials and creating Facebook groups to included those who can not be present, allow couples to bring a sense of occasion to such a small and intimate affair.

The wonderful thing about the minimony is that there is always the Sequel Wedding to look forward to. Once the restrictions lift and celebrations can resume unhindered, we will see couples who said I do in the midst of the pandemic celebrate with a Sequel Wedding where they can invite all of their original guest list and have the wedding they always wanted to.

I have a feeling the next few years will be filled with a lot of Sequel Weddings.



Couples choosing to elope have been part of society for hundreds of years. Deciding to "run away" and get married on the spur of the moment, due to personal or family reasons, is the style of elopement that we have traditionally seen. Most with an air of secrecy about them.

The modern elopement is more romantic and planned out by today's couple. Dreamy locations, personalised touches and meaningful elements are at the forefront of the couples minds when planning out their elopement.

Epic views and locations for the exchanging of vows, with only a photographer/videographer in tow to capture the moment. Think hiking up a mountain side to a breathtaking lookout and saying I do as the dawn breaks, traveling with a couple of witnesses to a unique attraction and celebrating under a full moon, or choosing a place that is special to the both of you and recreating a wonderful moment.

Eloping is a wonderful way for couples to have an intimate ceremony focused on their personal journey as a couple.



With the wedding industry heading back in the right direction, couples planning their weddings are looking for quality over quantity in this new style of minimal celebration. brides too are choosing to spend their fashion budget on styles that suit their personality over the biggest or most opulent gown.

We are seeing a real push into brides seeking that something different for their look, and making sure that they have an amazing experience along the way.

Collections featuring gowns with amazing architectural features, gowns with stunning sleeves, gowns with colour, pantsuits, jumpsuits, classic elements, and mini dresses (to name a few), are showing brides that this is their time to shine no matter which way they choose to do it.

I wanted to make sure there was a way to give brides the opportunity to seek out their dream bridal look without having to troll through countless bridal stores only to be offered up the same style dress over and over again. Designing and creating beautiful bespoke pieces for bridal clients is the heart of Mel Rose Couture, and finding a way to bring that element of unique individual style to more clients was one of the developments I undertook in 2020.

Understanding that 2021 would be full of couples who may choose to plan their wedding in shorter timeframes was a big part of the discussion, and working out a way to create their wedding day look in matter of weeks was the challenge.

And what I came up with is very exciting.

A Separates Collection designed for the minimal bride, who doesn't want her wedding day look to be worn once and then forgotten about, but become a treasured item in her wardrobe and one she will wear for years to come.

Tops, skirts, pants, jackets. Pieces that can be mixed and matched to create an elegant, stylish, and timeless wedding day look the bride will love.

Our Separates Collection will be launching in February 2021 as a part of Mel Rose Couture's 15th Birthday Celebration. Each piece will be available to purchase via our website or in studio, ranging in sizes 6-22, and made to order with the aim of delivery in a matter of weeks rather than the 8-12 month timing we require for our bespoke gowns.

I really wanted to design for the woman who wanted to look effortless, chic, and timeless. I drew inspiration from 1940's post war fashion and the women who loved the elegance of fashion after living in a time of so having so little.

Each piece is a reflection of our signature style, a quite elegance that is at the very core of who Mel Rose Couture is.

At the time of writing this blog the collection is still being created, so I wanted to share with you some images from our fittings during the creating process.

Some of our collection pieces during the fitting stage.

I can wait to share the collection with you and would love to have you on our Launch List!

Our Launch List is going to have access to the collection before our Launch date and the opportunity to become one of the few to have access to special offers and add ons.

All you need to do is click the link, enter your details, and that's it. You are all signed up.

Click Here for the

Launch List!!!!


Whether you choose to plan a Micro Wedding, Minimony, or Elopement make sure that your celebration reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple. At the end of the day it's your wedding and it's your love story so I say "You do You".

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Mel xx


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